Base Plated Painted Bollard


This popular style of bollard is made from painted mild steel to provide hard wearing security & pedestrian control with budget and safety in mind. Highly visible, the standard, heavy duty or ram duty styles, have been widely used in shopping car parks, hospital car parks, banks, places of business and other public areas, and industrial, warehousing and truck access application.  Made here in Sydney, Australia.

With an easy to install base plated fixture, the bollards come in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs. Accessories include flat, domed, angled, or knock-on top design and internal barrier protection where specified, and highly visible yellow painted top for better traffic visibility. The cost of the base plate is included in the listed price. Chemical fixings suited to each bollard can be purchased from our online store for a one stop supply experience.

Visit our bollard builder to obtain pricing and design availability on all of the range or purchase standard products direct from our online store.

Any questions prior to purchase can be sent directly to our sales team at or call (02) 4677 0470 for more information. Discounts are available for bulk purchases, please call our friendly team to discuss this and shipping estimates.

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